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EXISTING CUSTOMERS please phone or text 07969805860.

NEW CUSTOMERS - we are not accepting any new customers for the forseeable future.

PLEASE NOTE - we only offer day care for our regular home boarding customers.





Puppies & Dogs 6 - 9mths - Cute as they are puppies can require a lot of extra input and cleaning up after if not fully house trained. We will board puppies but may charge a supplement of up to £5 per day.

We do not accept puppies under 6months.

Incontinent dogs or females in season. We appreciate all dogs can have little accidents especially when settling into somewhere new, but we reserve the right to charge a supplement if we need to repeatedly clean up after them.

Dogs with medical needs - We are experienced in administering routine medications and are happy to take pets with non-contagious medical conditions, but may charge a supplement dependent on individual needs. We need to be informed of any medical needs PRIOR to dropping dogs

Christmas, New Year & Bank Holidays or weekend only bookings - supplements may apply, please contact us for details.




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